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Next fundraising meeting Thursday 14th January 8pm

Please email to join the Zoom or message 07967 640584 if you would like to be involved, suggest some ideas or just say hello!  

Spring 2021

Events coming soon...

2024 - Welcome Everyone! 
We continue 'FUN'draising for the School

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Thank you for visiting the Fundraising website for St Peter's School in Budleigh
As we dive into the second half of the school year 2024, it's time to reignite the enthusiasm and commitment to making this year unforgettable!
We continue our mission to support various initiatives and projects, so let's unleash our creativity and passion to make a positive impact. Together, we can create lasting memories, foster a sense of community, and strive for excellence in everything we do.
Get ready for exciting events, inspiring fundraisers, and endless possibilities. Let's make this year one for the books as we come together to make a difference!
Let's make the rest of the school year 2024 truly remarkable! I
f you have any suggestions for events or fundraising ideas,,or would just like to offer help we would love to hear them...just email   

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