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Introducing St Peter’s  "Little Stars of 2023" 


Attention, all proud parents and carers, here are this years adorable souvenir of the year – the St Peter’s School photo of the class of 2023.


This isn't just a picture; it's a time machine! These photos are the tangible proof of those precious primary school years that pass in the blink of an eye. As time marches on, these images will transport you back to the days when the world was full of wonder and excitement.


Imagine a 10x8 inch snapshot that encapsulates the boundless spirit and endless curiosity of your little ones. It's a candid capture of each class's unique personality, from the mischievous grins to the awe-inspiring innocence. These photos are pure, unfiltered joy.


Size: 10 x 8.


The  logo, class name and year banner is included at the bottom of the photo.


(Please note no frame will be included)


Class Photographs 2023