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This year we, again, were so please to have asked Fran McElhone to capture the children and took advantage of a sunny day outside!


Fran McElhone is a mum at the school and has her own content production and photography business, Freeride Media. She is available for all sorts of wonderful photography including family occasions and portraits. Please give her a like/follow on social media @we_freeride(Instagram) and @we_freeride (Facebook) and for more info visit


We hope you’ll agree that the photographs are gorgeous!


To place an order:




Click on your Child’s Class


And enter the password: 


Thanks to Fran’s generosity, we are able to offer photographs at one third of the cost of national school photographers and raise money for our children - Thank you Fran!


Orders will be processed as quickly as possible and images emailed to the email address placing the order.


If you have any trouble logging in, please email - the school office do not have access to this info


Serious bit:

The website notifies us if images are screen shotted or downloaded directly. We kindly ask that you don’t do this as it means our children don’t benefit for valuable fundraising. 

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