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Image by Cristina Matos-Albers

Cakes & Clothes Mondays 

aka The Cakey Bakey Uniform Takey.....

Every Monday in the School Hall

or outside Cherry class  


Every Monday from 3.30pm - 4pm, all of the preloved uniform will be available for you to pick up anything you need; you can also donate any uniform you no longer need 

We have plenty of jumpers, skirts and trousers, polo shirts and shoes!

A very special thank you to the Year 6's who are running this as a great opportunity to be supportive of the school and learn about running a shop!

They will be delighted to accept donations or you are also welcome to take anything for free  


Class Cakes!

We are asking each class to take it in turns to bring in cakes on a Monday morning for the Year 6 team to sell in the hall along with the school uniform 

Any parents who can be willing bakers (or shop purchasers...) or willing helpers on the day would be so appreciated!

We would love cakes from everyone in the following classes on these days 

A huge thank you for your help x

Monday 21st March - Ash 

Monday 28th March - Oak 

Monday 4th April - Beech

Easter Holidays 

Monday 25th April - Chestnut 

Bank Holiday 

Monday 9th May - Willow 

Monday 16th May- Cherry 

Monday 23rd May - Sycamore 

And then it will be Friday Ice creams for sale! 

Thank you so much x


Chocolate Cupcake with Vanilla Frosting

Our Clients

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